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Airport Parking vs Rideshare: Which is Right for You?

If you’ve flown recently, you’ve probably asked whether parking at the airport or a rideshare is most cost effective. The answer is it depends on a whole bunch of variables: Whether you’ll be hit with surge pricing, where and how far you live from the airport, how long you’ll be gone, and how many people are going with you.

How Rideshares Work at Airports

With a rideshare, you’ll pay a base rate, plus a surge multiplier based on congestion, high demand, or bad weather, plus an extra fee if you need a larger vehicle. You’ll also be charged for drop-off and pickup fees, which, depending on your airport, could range between $1 and $5. For pick up, many airports require rideshare drivers to wait in a particular spot, which can quickly become congested. Chicago O’Hare and Atlanta Hartsfield airports have had issues with congested rideshare areas leading to long delays for pick-ups.

Rideshares with Kids

If you’re flying with preschool-age children, a rideshare can quickly turn into a major hassle as you deal with booster and car seats. Drivers may decline to transport you if you go without car seats, as they’re the ones who will be liable or risk getting a ticket.

How Much Does a Rideshare to the Airport Cost?

The cost of a rideshare to the airport depends on many things, including how far from the airport you live, congestion or demand level, and other factors like weather. And it might take longer to get to the airport using a rideshare; during peak times and at high congestion times, your pick up may be delayed.

Using RideGuru, we estimated the cost of a family going to the airport in the cities we operate in.

Cost of a family going to the airport in an SUV varies greatly depending on location and surge pricing.

1-Way Price to ORD LaGrange Naperville Tinley Park
1X Price $40 $74 $103
1.5X Price $59 $109 $152

1-Way Price to BOS Brookline Waltham Lexington
1X Price $40 $57 $78
1.5X Price $58 $83 $115

1-Way Price to ATL Forest Park Fayetteville Marietta
1X Price $31 $48 $81
1.5X Price $47 $72 $122

1-Way Price to HOU Pasadena Cloverleaf Atascocita
1X Price $25 $44 $82
1.5X Price $38 $66 $123

1-Way Price to PHL Swarthmore Havertown Fort Washington
1X Price $21 $50 $78
1.5X Price $32 $75 $117

1-Way Price to PHX Tempe Glendale Apache Junction
1X Price $33 $48 $81
1.5X Price $50 $72 $122

Cost of Parking at PreFlight

At PreFlight, the cost of your reservation will vary by how long you stay, how far in advance you book, and where you choose to park. Reserving guarantees your spot and your pricing. Check what your rate at a PreFlight Airport parking location would be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will points be added to my account?

Points are added within 48 hours after you exit the facility.

How can I update my credit card?

Log in to your Frequent Parker account and select the Express Pass tab. The web page that opens gives you the option to edit your payment information. After entering the new information click save the changes.

I made a reservation, then signed up for the Frequent Parker card, can I add the reservation to my account?

Yes. Log in to your Frequent Parker account. On the Account Information page, please click Associate Reservation with My Account. The information on your reservation receipt is all you need.

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