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How to Reduce the
Risk of COVID 19 While Traveling

How to Reduce the Risk of COVID 19 While Traveling

We are entering a new norm in our society, and with that comes the question of "How do I keep myself safe while flying?" Air carriers have already taken steps to help mitigate the risks to passengers. But there are extra steps that you can take to reduce the risk of COVID while traveling.

Wear a Mask

We have all heard that wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of the virus. When you are at the airport, you may have the room to stand six feet away from others in some locations. But in other areas that may not be possible. Wearing a mask in crowded spaces helps reduce the spread of the virus. As of today, most airlines are requiring passengers to have a face covering while flying. Even though airplanes circulate the air in the cabin every two-six minutes, wearing something over your nose and mouth will lower your risk. And keep in mind that your destination may have a mandate or order regarding masks in public. At PreFlight, we recommend that customers wear face masks at the facilities and while on shuttles.

During the Security Screening

TSA is recommending that flyers take some steps to reduce touchpoints. Have your boarding pass and ID ready to hold up to the scanners and for agents to check. All passengers are required to wear a mask through the checkpoint, but an agent may ask you to adjust it to verify your identity.

Put your belt, wallet, keys, phone, and change in the pockets of your carry-on before entering the checkpoint. TSA still requires you to put your carry-on in a bin, but now your items won’t be touching another surface. Also, take the time to learn what items are prohibited in a carry-on. If a prohibited item is found through the x-ray screening, an agent will have to physically go through your items.

Bring Your Own Food and Snacks

You may not feel comfortable getting food from the food court, or the food court may be closed. Airlines may be limiting snack and beverage services. The best and safest option is to bring the food you prepared yourself. Make sure to pack non-perishable items in containers that meet TSA guidelines. When you are going through the security checkpoint put the containers on top of your carry-on.

Limit What You Touch

Try to refrain from touching surfaces with your bare hands. It's natural for people to hold on to the railing on an escalator or moving walkway, so avoid touching these. One method you can use is keeping your hands in your pockets. Taking this action will limit the number of surfaces you touch. To avoid door handles, wear gloves, or use clean tissues/paper towels when grabbing handles.

Don't Forget Hand Sanitizer and Wipes

When you can't wash your hands after touching surfaces or before eating, high alcohol content hand sanitizer is a good back- up. Clean your hands frequently and after touching surfaces. You can also bring disinfecting wipes in your carry-on. Wipe down the armrest, tray tables, and areas around your seat.

Travel Tip: TSA is allowing passengers to bring one 12oz bottle of hand sanitizer in carry-ons.

Stay Seated During the Flight

Staying seated and only getting up to go to the bathroom will help limit the contact you have with others on the plane. Another way to reduce contact is to choose a window seat rather than an aisle seat.

We love seeing our customers and hope these tips help keep you safe. At PreFlight, we are doing our part to protect customers during their stay at our facilities. Learn more about our COVID-19 response, and don't forget to reserve your parking today!

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