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Tips for Parking at PreFlight

Tips for Parking at PreFlight

There are many considerations to make when parking at one of our facilities. We have found that over years, customers ask many questions from how to go about reserving a spot to protecting their car. In this post, we will go over some tips that can help you park at PreFlight.

Make a Reservation Before You Park

The simplest and most efficient way to reserve your parking spot is online or through the PreFlight Airport Parking App. Once you have made your reservation, you’ll get a barcode to scan at the entrance. One advantage to using the App is that you don't have to print your barcode and take a chance of losing it.

What to Consider When Making a Reservation

When you make the reservation, add some extra time. The TSA recommends arriving two hours before your flight to go through security. It takes 5-10 minutes for the shuttle to reach the airport, and shuttles run every 10-15 minutes. An easy rule of thumb is to make your arrival time two and a half hours earlier than your flight time. For your departure time, add 45 minutes from when your flight lands (possibly longer if you’ll have to wait for checked baggage).

When to Arrive at the PreFlight Parking Facility

PreFlight customers can enter the facility at any time on the day your reservation starts. We recommend coming 5-10 minutes before the time scheduled for your reservation. This will allow you to find a parking spot, pull out your luggage, and catch one of our shuttles to the airport.

Remember Where You Parked Your Vehicle

We have all parked somewhere, walked away, and upon returning, forgotten where the car is parked. Take a photo of the level or space markers with your phone, especially if you’re going to be gone for weeks rather than days.

Vehicle Safety While Parked at PreFlight

The safety and security of our customer's vehicles is one of our top priorities. Always be sure that items are out of sight. Place items that you won't be taking with you either in the glove compartment or the trunk. Remember to roll up windows, close the sunroof, and lock the doors. Take a moment to check that your vehicle is secure before you leave.

Shuttle Service Pick-up

PreFlight offers free shuttle service to and from the airport. At our ATL, BOS, IAH, PHL, and HOU (Level 2 Only) locations, shuttles will pick you up at your car. At ORD, PHX, and HOU, customers will need to go to the lobby on the ground floor. When arriving back from your trip, call the facility for the shuttle to pick you up.

Need help with flat tire or a dead battery?

Many customers have come back to find a flat tire or a dead battery. If you find a flat or your car won't start, contact a staff member right away. We will be happy to inflate your tire or give you a jump to get you back on the road.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will points be added to my account?

Points are added within 48 hours after you exit the facility.

How can I update my credit card?

Log in to your Frequent Parker account and select the Express Pass tab. The web page that opens gives you the option to edit your payment information. After entering the new information click save the changes.

I made a reservation, then signed up for the Frequent Parker card, can I add the reservation to my account?

Yes. Log in to your Frequent Parker account. On the Account Information page, please click Associate Reservation with My Account. The information on your reservation receipt is all you need.

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