When is the Best Time to Book a Flight?

When you have plans to travel, one of the first things you do is check the flight prices. Depending on how far in advance you are looking to fly, the price may scare you away. Don’t worry; you may be in luck! Check out these tips on when the best time to book a flight is to get the cheapest plane ticket possible.

Shop on Tuesday

Historically, Tuesday afternoons are the best time to book a flight. Most airlines roll out their discounts late on Monday nights. Even for those airlines that don't launch deals, their prices will automatically adjust near their competitor's price point.

The best time to book a flight may usually be on Tuesdays, but keep in mind this isn't always the case. There's no exact science to guarantee that you'll get the cheapest seats on the flight. The earlier you know you will be flying, the better. Continue to monitor the price; don't be afraid to be patient if you are more than three months away from your travel date. According to Travel & Leisure, "Six months before departure, domestic ticket prices were about 20 percent higher than the lowest fares. They started dropping three months out and hit a low to seven weeks before departure."

Cheapest Days to Fly

The cheapest days of the week to fly domestically are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and occasionally Saturdays. If your travel dates are flexible, flying out mid-week could save you hundreds that you can add to your  travel budget. Avoid flying on Fridays and Sundays, as those are the busiest travel days.

Where to Buy Plane Tickets

Always be sure to shop around to find the best rates; spending extra time researching can save you some money. Many people make the mistake of filtering by round-trip flights and not looking back. It may be worth spending some time and browsing different airlines' one-way flights to get the cheapest flight possible. For example, American Airlines might be more affordable to your destination and Delta on your way back.

There's no shortage of websites to browse and purchase flights. You can't go wrong with the most common sites such as  Expedia,  TripAdvisor, and  Google Flights. But with the advancement in technology, there are some great  travel apps out there that are worth a download, especially when you are looking to purchase a plane ticket for a trip far in advance. The Hopper  and  KAYAK  apps offer powerful data-driven tools that predict future flight prices and tells you when the best time to book your flight is. Hopper also allows you to freeze the price if you need more time to plan.

Buy Tickets Individually

If you are buying multiple plane tickets, purchase them separately. Many people are not aware of this travel hack; it may take more time, but it's definitely worth it. How it works is when you purchase multiple tickets, the cost per seat will be the same. If some seats you selected are cheaper than others, it will charge you for the higher price for all the seats. For example, according to Money Under 30, if there is a $100 ticket and a $200 ticket and you buy them together, you will get charged $400 for the two seats. Buying them separately allows you to get the $100 seat and saves your party $100.

Final Thoughts

There is such a thing as booking too early. Statistically, the best time to book a flight to get the cheapest seats on the flight is on Tuesdays, about 7-12 weeks in advance. Keep in mind this may not be true for every flight. Be wary of holidays, school schedules, or other reasons why travel may be in high demand during your travel dates. If your dates are flexible, save some money and look to fly out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Saturdays. When traveling with others, be sure to take the time to purchase plane tickets separately to ensure you are getting the cheapest tickets possible. Lastly, don't forget to take advantage of all the fantastic  travel apps  out there!

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