Airplane Etiquette 9 Tips for a Happier Flight


Airplane Etiquette: 9 Tips for a Happier Flight

As airplanes get more cramped and overhead cabin space scarcer, it seems like travelers have become increasingly cranky in recent years, resulting in unpleasant flight experiences for them and other passengers. But air travel doesn't have to be miserable. If we decide to treat our fellow passengers as neighbors embarking on the same journey and recognize that there's mutual benefit to be had by helping each other along that journey, it makes the entire flight much more enjoyable and stress-free for everyone. Here are some flight etiquette tips:

1. Put Your Smartphone on Airplane Mode and Listen to Flight Attendant Instructions

Ringing phones are a distraction for everyone, so make sure they're in airplane mode when the door is closed and pay attention to your flight attendants' instructions. They give them for a reason, and no matter how many times you've flown, it's always good to get a refresher on the emergency protocol and to take a moment to identify the exit closest to you.

2. Wear Headphones

If you are listening to music or watching videos, use headphones. Be conscious to the fact that you are in a small space and sound travels, intruding on others space. Using noise-canceling headphones has the added benefit of blocking out any noises you don't want to hear, making the flight more comfortable for you and everyone around you.

3. Stay Out of the Aisle

The flight attendants need the aisle to serve food and drinks, and also to help any passengers who might require additional assistance. Remember that the flight attendants are there to make everyone's flight as comfortable as possible (including yours), so it is to everyone's mutual benefit to help them do their jobs.

4. Help Other Passengers Placing Items in the Overhead Bins

Offer to help people who look like they're struggling with their bag. You'd be surprised how much goodwill you can generate by taking just a minute or two to offer a helping hand.

5. Don't Place Your Feet on Top of the Seat in Front of You

We know this can be tempting, especially if you're cramped in coach class, but keep in mind that everyone is dealing with the same amount of space as you. Don't make the flight more uncomfortable for those around you.

6. Only Recline Your Seat if You Need to Do So

It's important to be respectful of the fact that no one has more space than you do, so try to avoid infringing on someone else's space. If you want to recline your seat, turn around and politely ask the person sitting behind you if it's OK for you to recline your seat. You can avoid annoying them by simply asking for permission.

7. Keep the Window Shade Up

If you don't want to be bothered by sunlight when flying, bring a sleeping mask to block out the light. Other passengers might enjoy not only the light, but seeing the sights as you fly. You can ask the other passengers in your aisle if they don't mind you closing the shade.

8. Middle Seat Gets the Interior Armrest

If you are seated in the aisle or the window, you get one armrest all to yourself and one to share with the person sitting in the middle seat. Let the person sitting in the middle use the shared armrest. When you want to lean to one side, you can use the armrest you have all to yourself and give the person sitting next to you a little more space.

9. Disembark Calmly and Orderly

Try not to run off the plane. If you're late to catch another flight, tell a flight attendant and they might let you off first. Otherwise, be respectful of everyone else's time and wait your turn to exit your row and disembark the plane. One way you can be sure to start your flight in a good mood is by arranging for parking space and taking a shuttle, so you don't have to worry about missing your flight. Download the PreFlight Airport Parking App to make your reservation.

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