10 Tips to Survive the Holiday Travel Season

The holiday travel season comes with challenges that can stress any traveler out. More so than other times of the year, travelers experience long lines at the security checkpoint, unexpected cancelations, or lousy weather. Here are some tips to help you survive traveling during the holidays.

1. Do your research

Take the time before your trip to research and take any necessary actions to have a great trip. Depending on where you are flying in and out of, the locations may have two airports. Consider which airport can handle delays better. Planning your schedule will take some of the stress off your back. Make any reservations or purchases of tickets for attractions like theme parks, museums, ski lifts, etc. If you are going to see friends or family during this time, contact everyone, and see when they have time to meet. You will be glad you did so later during your trip.

2. Plan your parking ahead of time

During the holiday season, the onsite airport parking lots fill up quickly. You may not be able to pull up and just park the day of your flight. PreFlight is the perfect option for your parking needs. When you make a reservation with us, we guarantee your parking spot. Check out one of our parking facilities in your city.

3. Be smart with your gifts

If you are giving large gifts for the holidays, plan to ship large gifts rather than bringing them on the plane. Have them delivered to the hotel, family, or friend's house you will be staying at. Take smaller gifts in your carry-on, but don't wrap them in case TSA checks your bag and needs to inspect them. Wrap your gifts when you arrive at your destination.

4. Avoid long lines

Something that everyone doesn't want to deal with during the holidays is long lines. There is a way to skip the large crowds and long lines at the security checkout with TSA PreCheck. TSA PreCheck allows you to go through security without having to remove shoes and other items from your person or carry-on. All you need to do is go through a prescreening process with TSA.

If you and the family are going to a theme park or entertainment venue, there are some ways to bypass lines. Some venues will have an express pass or ticket that will give you priority to get on rides or seating for shows. They may cost a little more than regular admission but are worth it.

5. What to do when your flight is canceled

Flight cancellations during this time of year can be even more stressful. If you have never experienced a flight cancelation, we have some tips to help you. One of the first things you can do is check with your airline about rebooking for a later flight. If you are flying at night, the airline may not be able to get you on a plane until the next day. Your carrier may have flights that are booked for the remainder of the holiday. In that scenario, they may be able to transfer you to another airline. If your flight can’t be rebooked, look for other transportation modes such as taking a train or driving.

6. Travel during off-peak times

You can avoid some of the crowds when flying during the holidays by booking flights during off-peak hours. The busiest days to travel during Thanksgiving is the Wednesday before and the Sunday after. The Friday before Christmas and Monday are the days when most people travel. Taking the first and last flight is also a way to skip the large crowds and might save you money on airfare.

7. Take the necessary precautions

COVID-19 will make flying this holiday season different. Airlines now require you to wear a mask on the plane. Bring more than one mask with you as some states and cities require people to wear them in public settings. Bring hand sanitizer with you; TSA is allowing passengers to take 12oz. bottles in luggage.

8. Bring something to do on the flight

To keep yourself from getting bored or if traveling with kids, bring entertainment. Flying gives you time to read that mystery or romance novel you’ve been wanting to read. If you don't want to bring a paperback, you can take your tablet. A tablet is also an excellent way to keep the kiddos entertained. Upload a movie or their favorite series before you go. If you don't feel like bringing something to entertain you, take a travel pillow and catch up on your sleep.

9. Keep yourself healthy

A healthy body will lead to a happier trip. Before you fly, you should eat something that will last you the trip. Pack yourself some snacks; remember to check the TSA website to see what you can bring on the plane. It is crucial to keep up with your exercise regimen while away as well. Research exercises that you can substitute for your routine. The last thing that will help you stay healthy is getting enough sleep. It also allows your body to adjust to any time changes.

10. Patience is a virtue

During the holiday travel season, you may feel some mental fatigue and become frustrated. Remember this is only for a short amount of time, and you want to get as much enjoyment out of your vacation as you can. Be patient if things change and if others are feeling the stress, too. Something you can do is pause for a moment, take a deep breath in, and exhale.

Traveling isn't easy at any time of the year. Let PreFlight Airport Parking take some of that stress off your shoulders and park your vehicle with us. We offer secure facilities and free airport shuttle service.

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